Bored 19 Year Old Charged With DUI in Deltona after Stealing Military Vehicle

Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins

A 19 year old man was arrested for multiple charges in Deltona after he allegedly stole a Humvee from an Army Reserve Center in Sanford and drove it while under the influence.  Police were called by another driver when Jose Quinones, the driver of the stolen Humvee, was seen driving erratically with no headlights or tail lights on and while dragging a traffic barrel.  In the Humvee, police found marijuana and Quinones allegedly told police that he stole the military vehicle because he was bored.  He has been charged with a number of offenses including DUI, grand theft of a motor vehicle and possession of marijuana.  It is unclear at this time what Quinones was under the influence of, if he had took or refused any sobriety tests and if he did, how he failed those tests.

Some of the charges which Quinones are facing are quite serious, others may not end up getting him as stiff a penalty on their own.  The most serious charge in for this event is for stealing the Humvee.  That charge accounts for a third degree felony for which Quinones can face up to 5 years in prison, probation and/or a $15,000 fine.  Besides the sentence he faces, Quinones also will suffer from lifetime restrictions due to having a felony charge on his record if he is convicted.  He would have difficulty getting a professional license, will not be allowed to vote and will not be able to own a firearm.  Also included in the restrictions will be problems when it comes to public service opportunities such as being a juror or running for office.

The next most serious offense is most likely the DUI depending on the circumstances.  As a 19 year old, Quinones would have to have had a blood alcohol level of less than .02%.  However, if it can be proven that he was impaired by drugs at the time he was driving the Humvee that could also result in a DUI conviction.  For a first charge when there are no minors in the car and a BAC under .15%, Quinones could be facing up to six months in jail, probation and up to a $1000 fine.  He could also lose his license for up to a year.  There could be other consequences for a DUI conviction as well, including his insurance rates going up and special insurance coverage rules that he would have to follow in the future.

The possession of marijuana charge is a misdemeanor, but Quinones still faces jail time for it.  For a first time offender, he faces up to a year in jail, assuming he had less than 20 grams of marijuana with him in the Humvee.  He could also face a fine or probation.  While it may be true that Quinones would probably not have faced so harsh a sentence if he was only charged with possession, because of the circumstances of this case and the additional crimes, it is very possible that he could face a harsher sentence for the drug possession.