Careless Driving in Florida

What is Careless Driving?

The charge of careless driving can be a bit confusing to most people as it is a vague concept, but Florida law basically defines careless driving as: When a person driving does not operate their vehicle in a careful manner, such as but not limited to, having regard for curves, width, graves, corners and traffic, and by doing so endangers another person’s life or property.

Careless driving is a moving violation and its charges are not to be taken likely because they carry with them high penalties.

Difference between Careless Driving and Reckless Driving

Careless driving charges are often confused with reckless driving charges, but they are different. Careless driving is when the driver is unaware that the way they are operating their vehicle is potentially dangerous to others. Reckless driving is when the driver knows that they are operating their vehicle in an unsafe manner.

Penalties for Careless Driving

The fine for careless driving will differ depending on the circumstances of the case. If an individual is charged with careless driving the fines are typically between $160 and $500.

Moreover, unlike the majority of moving violations that only give three points on a driver’s license; a careless driving charge is 4 points on a driver’s license. This will cause a driver’s insurance costs to rise and their license may be in jeopardy of a suspension depending on the number of points they have already received on their license.

Careless Driving Defenses

A careless driving charge relies solely on the opinion of the accusing officer. A person may be charged with careless driving when in reality their driving was not in any way a danger to other people, or the driver may have been trying to avoid a dangerous situation that would have caused harm to them and they had to make a choice that looked as though they were driving carelessly but where actually avoiding a bad situation from occurring. No matter what the reason behind the careless driving, a person being charged is based on the opinion of the officer and can be fought and won in court with the proper defense.

Contact an Experienced Lawyer

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