Cocaine in Congress: Republican Congressman Trey Radel Charged with Possession of Cocaine

Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins

Trey Radel, the self proclaimed hip hop conservative, was hoping for attention from the younger generation when he ran for his congressional seat. This republican talk show host, actor and comedian has dabbled in just about everything from journalism to politics, but he wasn’t making much headway until he started dabbling in illegal substances. The recent scandal surrounding his October cocaine possession arrest might not have been what he had in mind when he suggested bringing hip hop to the house, but it definitely put his name in the younger conversation circle. This right wing political figure can now join the ranks of fellow convicted politicians from both parties with charges that are substance related. Unlike former President George W. Bush, Trey Radel wasn’t behind the wheel of a car when he consumed his intoxicant; he made a slightly different blunder by purchasing an illegal substance from an undercover official.

The Drug Sting that Took Down the Congressman

In the early 2000’s, Florida DEA began a rash of operations focused on taking down drug lords and it would appear that the congressman/talk show personality accidentally got caught in the crossfire of one of those stings. The event in question occurred on October 29th after sting operators arrested a local dealer and questioned him about upcoming events. The dealer mentioned a congressman buyer and allegedly joined forces with the DEA to set up Rep. Radel by luring him in with cocaine. The congressman took the bait and purchased the illegal goods from an undercover official. It was reported that Radel did not place a bulk order, but rather, he purchased just enough cocaine for himself, making the charge a misdemeanor in Washington D.C.

In November of 2013, Republican leader Trey Radel pleaded guilty to charges of possession of cocaine. Following his guilty plea, the young, energetic politician announced a leave of absence. Despite his self appointed vacation, the heat surrounding the incident didn’t simmer down for Radel as it had for misdemeanor convicts in high places in the past. Pressure from outside sources and in house investigations eventually led to Radel’s resignation. Much of the negative press associated with his charged derived from his conflicting lifestyle and voting patterns. Radel’s opposition pointed out an instance where the congressman had voted yes to a bill that would force food stamp recipients to undergo routine drug testing, while it turned out to be Radel himself who was suffering from an abuse issue.

Something Like a Phenomenon

Trey Radel is still just 37 years old. Even in the aftermath of a political resignation, a future for the savvy speaker can easily be carved out of this situation. He has delivered heartfelt apologies to his wife and family and appears more hurt by their suffering than his own. This is one anchorman/reporter who made breaking news. He has founded a charitable organization and has a deep respect for soldiers and a deep rooted love for hip hop. Melle Mel did warn us all that those powdery white lines can become something like a phenomenon, so hopefully Radel will heed the hip hop warning label and shy away from addictive substances that pose a threat to his career in the future.