Footage from Randy Travis’s Naked DUI Goes Viral

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Cyberspace is the place today’s generation turns to when seeking fame and fortune. On a daily basis, internet superstar hopefuls teach their cats to play the piano and their children to make jokes all with the hope that they will claim the coveted viral video position. Many of today’s hit artists got their start on social media in places like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It would appear that longtime country music singer Randy Travis would not have to resort to utilizing these platforms for publicity purposes yet he has managed to go viral via a leaked surveillance video he now wishes to destroy.

For Randy Travis, the raw footage of his DUI arrest is not only an embarrassment; it is also cause for outrage. The 54 year old award winning pop/country star hails from an era where life was a bit simpler for celebrities. In his rising years, there were no Twitter feeds or iPhone carriers breaking celebrity privacy barriers and airing every bit of dirty laundry. In Travis’s case, it might be true that he was unaware of the price he would eventually pay for cranking out 20 studio albums and wooing country audiences across the globe. This is Randy’s first DUI charge, but due to the circumstances he was arrested under, the repercussions for his actions could stand to injure his long going career.

The Arrest the World’s Been Watching

Plenty of superstars have been charged with driving under the influence. Mostly, it is the mug shots that end up creating the majority of the buzz. Toxicology reports show that Randy Travis’s blood alcohol level was seven points over the legal limit by Texas standards. As far as celebrity arrests go, Randy did almost everything that was expected of him. He was reportedly polite to the arresting officials. He owned up to his crime and pleaded guilty in a court of law. There was only one difference between his arrest and that of other Hollywood stars. Randy Travis was driving naked.

Details regarding the reason for Randy’s public nudity remain sketchy, but the viral arrest video clearly shows one naked country music singer thrill riding down a Texas pathway and subsequently crashing his car. He was taken into custody and forced to spend a night in prison. Possibly as a reward for his cooperation, the arresting officials lent Randy a set of scrubs and he was photographed leaving the prison in borrowed clothing and no shoes.

While Randy is apparently heartbroken by the fact that the public appears to be laughing at his misfortune, it may be Travis who enjoys the last laugh. On January 31st, the country crooner was sentenced to two years of probation, narrowly escaping a prison sentence. He is one of the few over fifty stars who can now claim to be an internet sensation as well as a studio artist. Fans who have been following the singer’s response to the situation might have a better idea of how the man ended up with the nickname “Tough Old Bird”.