Rapper Flo Rida Gets “Back on Track” After Miami DUI Incident

Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins

It appears that Justin Bieber wasn’t the first chart topping star to have his sobriety questioned by Miami officials. Top 40 artist Flo Rida was accused of driving under the influence in a similar Miami Beach incident as well. According to Miami police reports, the beat riding Southerner who hails from Carol City was spotted driving erratically and subsequently charged with DUI at 4 am at the start of the summer season.

The controversy surrounding the incident had little to do with Flo Rida’s charges and even less to do with his eventual conviction, which resulted in the charges being reduced to reckless driving as opposed to DUI. The focal point for this particular scandal was actually the car the rapper was driving at the time of the event.

There is something to be said for public figures who really know how to show off in Miami Beach. Rapper Flo Rida was taken into custody after police escorted him away from his glistening Bugatti, a multimillion dollar model that appeared to be freshly waxed and prepped. The car was almost as photo worthy as the superstar in handcuffs and will likely be the most remembered detail of that morning.

Eyewitnesses report that bystanders were so impressed with the prolific rapper and his amazing sports car that many of them began to beg the arresting officers to free Flo Rida of the cuffs and let the entire incident slide. Some even went as far as to offer Flo Rida a ride home. The style sporting rap star admitted that he was in no condition to perform a field test at the time and further investigation led officials to discover that he was driving on a suspended license.

The incident was the rapper’s first DUI and the repercussions for his actions were extremely lenient. This occurrence, however brief, is a perfect example of why it is always important to dress to impress. Clearly, Flo Rida is one of the few celebrities who puts his fashion foot forward regardless to the situation. Even his mug shot looks glamorous in comparison to the usual celebrity arrest photos. It looks as if he got arrested directly after leaving the barbershop. His beard and mustache are groomed to perfection and not a single strand of hair on his head is out of place.

In addition to apparently being a fashion guru with a taste for pricy sports cars, Flo Rida is also a record breaking MC with decades of experience on the microphone. His legendary career started in 1979 and he had several disappointing close calls over the decades that followed. In 2006, more than 20 years after his humble start, Flo Rida signed a deal with Poe Boy and went on to make hit after hit.

Flo Rida’s unique approach to lyric slinging can be attributed as much to what he doesn’t say as to what he does say. Flo Rida is a committed wordsmith who strategically avoids using curse words whenever possible. Due to this unique approach, his party anthems ring out clearly over the airwaves of international radio stations. Flo Rida was sentenced to partake in a “Back on Track” program following his Miami arrest, and from the looks of things, that’s exactly where he is.