Tito Ortiz Will Go From Fighting in the Ring to Fighting in the Courtroom

Finebloom, Haenel & Higgins

Renowned MMA fighter Tito Ortiz has officially been charged with two counts of DUI related to an early January occurrence. The 38 year old mixed martial artist has already shelled out over $15,000 in bond money as a result of the event and he could face hefty fines and license suspension if found guilty of the charges.

It appears that Tito had one too many drinks at the Playboy mansion before climbing behind the wheel of his Porsche in the wee hours of the morning on January 6th. His lack of sobriety is alleged to be the cause of the car crash he was involved in that day which resulted in zero injuries and zero fatalities. While Tito could face up to six years in prison, the popular athlete should consider himself extremely fortunate. Very few drivers can crash their Porsche into a median and leave the scene virtually unscathed.

Tito Ortiz’s tough exterior is undeniable, but his defensive tactics prove much more profitable in the ring than they do on the road. Tito is a California native who fought his way through a challenging childhood and emerged as a neighborhood hero. As a teenager, he spent an extended period of time in juvenile hall for gang affiliation, but his life took a positive turn when he found an athletic platform he could utilize to release his anger over the poverty and drug corruption he had to face in his early years.

In 1997, Tito Ortiz embarked on what would turn out to be an accomplished fighting career in the UFC. He has since seen his fair share victories and even made some on screen appearances in television shows and music videos. MMA fans should keep their eyes open for Tito in CSI: NY and Korn’s “Got the Life” single. This fulltime fighter and part time actor has been the recipient of a slew of awards including Most Championship Fights in the Light Heavyweight Division and Most Fights in UFC History.

While the UFC may have revived Tito’s spirit, his personal life still has the occasional hiccup. His bumpy marriage to Jenna Jameson and the domestic disputes that have surfaced as a result have been highly publicized by the media. Now that Tito is facing further criminal charges, it is rumored that Jameson, with whom he shares two children, intends to sue for full custody. Jameson claims that Tito Ortiz is not the man that people think he is and that she fears for her children’s safety when they are under his care. Ironically, his estranged baby’s mother was convicted in 2012 of the very same charge.

Tito has responded to Jameson’s threats by accusing her of inciting a smear campaign against him. Although Tito has faced criminal allegations in his past, he is still a first time DUI offender. If his UFC statistics are any reflection of his personality, he probably has a lot more rounds left in him that he’s been saving for the courtroom.