Move Over Law in Florida

What is Florida’s Move over Law?

Florida’s move over law requires all vehicles driving on a roadway to slow down or move over so that an emergency vehicle can pass when they have their sirens on. Emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks and ambulances are equipped with sirens that flash lights and make loud sounds so that people driving are aware of their presence and know to allow them to pass. In order for emergency vehicles to get to their destination quickly they need people on the road to make room for them. This is why the move over law is strictly enforced in Florida.

Penalties for not moving over for an Emergency Vehicle

If an emergency vehicle is trying to get through traffic quickly and has their sirens on and a driver does not slow down or move over for them to pass, the driver can be charged with a violation of the mover over law.

Penalties regarding Florida’s move over law include a fine of up to $500 and three points added to a person’s license. Additional penalties include a person getting their license suspended for accumulating too many points on their license and a person’s insurance rate increasing due to the moving violation of not abiding by the move over law.

Defenses for the Move over Law

For starters, it is important to note that a driver does not have to come to complete stop, they only have to slow down. An officer has to be able to prove that an individual driving did not slow down, and that is not an easy thing to prove being that a driver could have been slowing down and the officer made a bad judgment call.

Another defense is the difficulty in making a quick decision that people sometimes have to face when an emergency vehicle suddenly turns on their sirens. Some cases a driver does not have a place turn off and are in fear of causing an accident if they switch lanes so they may speed up to try and get out of the vehicle’s way and find a quick spot for them to safely wait in. If an officer sees this they may assume that the driver was ignoring the sirens and not adhering to the law. This is unfair for the driver and they should fight this in court if they are charged with a moving violation.

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