No Valid Driver’s License in Florida

Every person that operates a motor vehicle on the road, aside from motorized wheelchairs, is required to have a valid, up to date, driver’s license. Driving is considered a privilege in Florida and it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without obtaining a driver’s license first, this includes scooters and mopeds.

What makes a Driver’s License Invalid?

There are several different ways that a person can be charged with a no valid driver’s license offense. Aside from a person not having a driver’s license altogether, which is the main cause of the charge, other ways a license is deemed invalid are:

  • When a person’s license is suspended, which means that an individual’s driving privileges have been temporary put on hold for a given period of time
  • When a person’s license is expired, which means the driver’s license had not been renewed by the given renewal date
  • When a person’s license is revoked, which means an individual’s driving privileges have been permanently taken away
  • When a person’s license is canceled, which means an individual’s license has been voided and is no longer usable

Penalties for a No Valid Driver’s License Charge

Driving with an invalid driver’s license is a criminal offense and if found guilty, a person will have a criminal offense documented permanently on their record.

The penalties for driving a motor vehicle with an invalid license will vary depending on the number of previous penalties an individual has accumulated already; the more convictions a person has the higher their penalties will be.

The common penalties for a no valid driver’s license charge are:

  • A second degree misdemeanor
  • Up to a $500 fine
  • Up to sixty days in jail
  • Up to six months of probation

In addition, a person who is charged with a no valid driver’s license charge will face the penalties of higher insurance rates and a possible license suspension which could lead to the loss of a job and the difficulty in finding a new job with a criminal record.

Defenses for a No Valid Driver’s License Charge

There are various defenses for a no valid driver’s license charge. First and foremost, a person driving a vehicle may be completely unaware that their license is suspended or expired. Most people do not keep tabs on their license and therefore may be unaware if any actions have been taken against their license. The DMV does notify people when a change is about to occur on their license, but they notify people through mail and some people never receive the notices sent to them. A person who is unaware that they are committing a crime should not be penalized as such and this presents a solid case for a dismissal of charges.

Another factor to consider is the traffic stop made by the police officer. An officer cannot just pull a person over on a hunch or because they do not like something about the person’s car. An officer has to have a valid reason in pulling a person over, which can be that the driver broke the law, or the officer has probable cause that the driver is committing a crime in their vehicle. If the traffic stop was not law abiding then the charged individual may get their charges dismissed if they decide to fight their charge.

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