Running a Stop Sign in Florida

What Constitutes Running a Stop Sign?

In Florida, any vehicle approaching a stop sign has to come to a complete stop at the limit line or marked line present before the stop sign; if there is no limit line then the driver must come to a complete stop at the entrance to the intersection.

Penalties for Running a Stop Sign

The penalties for running a stop sign are typically monetary, but additional penalties can ensue. The typical fine for running a stop sign is between 70 to 200 dollars, but they can be significantly higher depending on the circumstance of the charges, such as if the stop sign was in a school zone or construction zone.

Running a stop sign will add points to a driver’s license which will cause a person’s insurance rates to rise and if a person can no longer afford insurance their license will be suspended. Not being able to afford insurance or paying too high of an amount of money for insurance can lead to intense hardships in a person’s life such as complications with work , financial burdens, hard time finding transportation means, and complications with family and relationships. Points added to a person’s license can be the worse effect from getting a stop sign violation charge in Florida.

Defenses for Running a Stop Sign

For starters, there are three main factors that have to occur in order for a person to be found guilty of running a stop sign, these factors are:

  • The charged individual must have been driving a vehicle and approached a stop sign
  • The stop sign must have been located at the entrance or within a railroad crossing or intersection
  • The driver must have failed to come to a complete stop at the entrance line marked, or at the cross walk line marked, or at the entrance of the intersection if no line is marked

Almost all of stop sign violation cases are based on the accusation of the officer who charged the individual. This aspect of a case makes a stop sign charge easier to refute and there are many defenses for running a stop sign because many people are unjustly charged.

Some common defenses for running a stop sign are:

Stopping Further away from the Limit Line or Intersection

Stop sign laws state that when a stop sign is present a driver must stop at the entrance to the intersection usually marked by a white line called the limit line. However, sometimes cautious drivers stop a few feet back from the limit line. When this is the case, the police officer may not have been able to see the individual stop from their location and it may just look like the driver ran the stop sign when in reality they actually did come to a complete stop.

New Stop Signs

Most people have particular routes that they take when they drive. This means that drivers are very familiar with certain roads that they frequently drive on. Sometimes new stop signs are put up at intersections and a person who is familiar with the intersection may accidently run through the stop sign being that they are completely unaware of its existence. Although the driver is at fault for running the stop sign they may be able to get their charges dismissed if they can prove that the stop sign was recently installed and that they are a habitual driver in that area of town.

Hidden Stop Sign

If a stop sign is hidden from a driver’s view then running it is of no fault to the driver. There are circumstances that do occur which cause a stop sign to be difficult for a person to see. Some of these circumstances are:

  • The sign was covered in graffiti
  • The sign was bent or knocked over
  • The sign was backwards or twisted around
  • Knocked over tree branches that hid the sign
  • The sign was broken in half or had a portion missing

Hard to see Limit Line

Limit lines are usually white and will fade over time. Some intersections do not even have limit lines. It is a driver’s responsibility to stop at the intersection starting point when no limit line is present, but a driver may stop too far up thinking that that was the correct place to stop. If this is the case the driver was still abiding by the rules of the stop sign and should fight their charge.

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