Guide to Speeding Tickets in Florida

Every car is equipped with a speedometer in their vehicle to let them know the speed that they are going when driving. In addition, every roadway has speed limit signs that are posted to provide drivers with the knowledge of the current speed limit when they are driving. If a driver goes over the speed limit then they will be subjected to receiving a speeding ticket.

The higher that the miles per hour (MPH) are over the speed limit, the higher a person’s speeding ticket will be. In addition, speeding fines are typically doubled in school zones or where roadway workers are present.

Penalties for Speeding

The current ticket fines for speeding are typically as follows:

6-9 MPH Over – $76.00- $81.00

10-14 MPH Over – $137.50- $155.50

15- 19 MPH Over – $158.50- $180.50

20- 29 MPH Over – $178.50- $205.50

30 MPH and Over – $260.50- $305.50

In addition to the fine a person will have to pay for speeding, they will also be privy to other penalties. Florida has a point system in play and when a driver receives a speeding ticket they automatically have points added to their license. These points will increase the driver’s insurance rate and if a driver obtains too many points in a given period of time, they will be subjected to an automatic license suspension.

Defenses for Speeding

A person should always drive in accordance with the speed limit posted because they are posted to ensure safety on the roadways. However, in the case where a person is pulled over for speeding, there are defenses in which the accused individual may use to fight their charge.

Once pulled over, a person should remember to be respectful and polite to the officer. Also, it is important for an individual to keep in mind, even if they think they know why they were pulled over, when asked if they know why they were pulled over by the officer, to politely tell the officer that they do not know. If a driver decides that they were unjustly charged or decides to fight their speeding ticket, common defenses for speeding are as follows:

  • There was no speed limit posted and the driver was driving at a presumed safe speed: if this is the case then the ticket is based on a presumed safe speed of the accusing officer which can be debated and fought in court
  • The driver had to speed up to avoid a dangerous or harmful situation: Roadways are not always safe and if a driver was speeding to avoid imminent harm then they have a case that can be fought
  • The officer mistook your car for another car, this may not work if a driver was caught on camera, but it does happen being that there are a multitude of the same make, color, and models of a car driving at a given time

The majority of people do not think that fighting a speeding ticket in court will go in their favor, but that is not the case; a large amount of the cases fought in court actually go in the defendants favor. With a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer, a defendant has a good chance that their charges will be reduced or dismissed if they fight it. 

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